Laboratory presses special die sets

As we manufacture laboratory presses and die sets for several purposes since years we have a lot of expertise in special manufacturing.
If you need laboratory presses for clean bench operations or other applications please contact us.
Or if you need mounting devices / die sets for applications like batteries of CR20xx types like CR2012 CR2016 CR2025 CR2032 or other we do manufacture these tools.





If you look for consumables for your AAS like graphite tubes made in Germany, hollow cathode lamps or for your ICP like nebulizers, torches, sampler and skimmer cones and more - here's the right place to be!

For over 30 years now, we support customers with consumables for AAS, ICP, ICP-MS and FT-IR. Our suppliers are Glass Expansion, Burgener, Meinhard, Cowie PTFE parts, Photron lamps, Heraeus, GBC and many more... 

    Premium Graphite tubes for different Spectrometers

    Hollow cathode lamps 37 mm (1.5") / 50 mm (2.0") diameter

    D2 Lamps

    Nebulizers, torches, spray chambers for ICP Systems (Glass Expansion)

    Pump tubes with 2 or 3 Stoppers, different Materials

And many more, for Agilent (Varian), GBC, Shimadzu, PerkinElmer or Thermo (Unicam). Even if you only know the OEM part number for your ICP consumables, just ask!


Beside these consumables, we are a manufacturer of instruments for sample preparation: tabletop laboratory presses, press die sets, acid and vessel cleaning systems and a UV digester called MAUV-2X

    Vessel Cleaning with ADA-1

    Acid Cleaning Systems: Subboiler ECO M (PTFE) and ECO Q (Quartz glass)

    UV-Digestion MAUV-2X 

    Lab Presses for sample preparation: 15 / 25 tons and motorized

    Press Die Sets for IR and XRF spectroscopy, from 3 to 50 mm diameter





If you want to download our english catalogue for full information to our parts and products, please use this link:

Download Catalogue Maassen V10

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