Acid cleaning with the subboiling ECO-M

Acid cleaning below boiling point: Ultra pure Acids for trace analysis.


Ultra pure acids...

...are always needed for graphite furnace atomic absorption, in ICP-OES and ICP-MS techniques. Such acid is very expensive, but now you can save money: with this acid purifying system ultra pure acids can be produced out of standard qualities or polluted water. Dirty acids can be cleaned several times.
The surface evaporation takes place without boiling just by heating with the infrared heaters in the socket below. All salt remains in the given liquid or acid. The created acid vapor condenses on top of the container.The quality can be improved by subboiling it a second time.

Why Subboiling?

  • save money: standard quality acids are much less expensive
  • clean in thime the quantity you need - every day
  • contaminated acid is not a problem any more

Why ECO M?

  • very compact design, small footprint
  • no external chiller is needed
  • fast and easy handling
  • control the liquid level inside with the PFA tube
  • separate waste drain on the opposite side
  • simple and durable as there are no built-in extravagant techniques
  • IR heating source can easily be replaced by the user
  • best cost-benefit-ratio in the market
  • Made of pure PTFE and PFA

How is it working?

Fill the acid through the funnel on top (max. 800 ml). The level inside can be monitored through PFA tube. Then switch on the IR heating element and control the power with the rotary knob. Choose a temperature below the liquids boiling temperature! You can get max. 350 ml of cleaned liquid within 10 hours, chaught in a 1 L PFA bottle.

Technical data:

Part number:                   5036000-15
Current:                          230V / 50/60 Hz, 150 W max. / 110V version available
space needed:                width 40 cm, depth 23 cm, height 68 cm (incl. funnel)
capacity:                         max. 800 ml

destillation rates water:  with 150 W IR lamp: 600 ml / 8 h, acids: about 400 ml / 8 h