Acid Cleaning System made of Quartz Glass

To reach the best detection limits for trace analysis, you need to have the best quality of acids and distilled water to avoid contamination and introducing traces of other elements which leads to wrong results. But the ultra clean quality of acids is very expensive and that’s why you should think about having your own cleaning station, Maassen’s ECO Q Subboiling unit:

  • Availability of clean acid in the quantity you need, every day. Minimized risk of contamination if different people are using the same acid.

  • Save money! Cleaning your own acid returns the investment of such an acid cleaning system within a few months.

  • Improve the quality of existing acids or clean your contaminated ones. No unnecessary disposal any more!

How it works

The liquid inside the quartz container gets evaporated below the boiling point. The heating source is above the liquids surface, so only the pure acid steam condensates at the cooling finger inside.

The ECO Q double uses two IR heating sources which is especially made for H2SO4 and other acids which need a higher temperature to evaporate.

There are no metal parts inside the acid cleaning system, so there is no contamination possible.


IR radiators heat up the liquid inside the quartz container. The maximum capacity is 1000 ml, filled through the port on top. Adjust the power with a rotary knob to avoid boiling, slow steam production improves the cleaning quality.

Connect a water chiller at the cooling finger, so clean acid can drop into the PFA bottle in front of the system. One PTFE filter is installed for aereation to avoid over pressure. The narrow socket with integrated catching bowl does not need much space in a fume hood. The seperate electronic box contains the power switch, power regulator and a timer. It can be taken out of the socket for easier handling.

This index shows the achieved cleaning grades, depending on the duration of the cleaning process. You can improve the quality by cleaning the acid again, therefore these data is just a reference value.                                                                                          

Destillation volume: g / min

purity: ng / ml

 W (Watt)  

















 < .05











 < .05






















And better!


  • improving standard quality acids to ultra clean

  • returns the investment in only a few months

  • cleaning of all acids possible, like HCl, HNO3, H2SO4 and H20 (except: HF which damages quartz)

  • No metal parts inside – no contamination and corrosion

  • easy to fill and clean

Narrow rack with separate electronic box for easy operation

Order information and technical data

ECO Q single


Quartzcontainer, capacity: 1000 ml,

One 500W heater with PTFE Connetors,

Rack with separate electronic box,

1 x 1 L PFA bottle, Power cable, manual

LxBxH ca. 50 x 20 x 42 cm
220V/50Hz/500 W
P/N: 5038010

ECO Q Dual


Content as mentioned above,

Difference: two heater version with

2x 500W heaters

LxBxH ca. 50 x 40 x 42 cm
220V/50Hz/ 1000W

P/N: 5038030

The Subboiling unit is sent in a carton and meant to be installed by the user. Installation is very easy: The rack comes in two parts, the quartz container needs to be put on top. IR heaters are preassembled. Plug in power and connect to a water chiller and start cleaning your liquids!