Glass Expansion ICP OES MS

Glass Expansion has been manufacturing sample introduction components for ICP emission and mas spectrometers since the early 1980s. Today they support instruments from 16 manufacturers, providing sample introduction systems for over 50 different ICP and ICP-MS models. Many major ICP manufacturers supply their products as standard. Their products are widely used and embraced by recognized analysts in the ICP industry, and are recognized as 'industry standard' products. Their intimate understanding of the relationship between the various sample introduction components, together with the ability and expertise in manufacturing high quality nebulizers, spray chambers, torches, and other ICP components, means that Glass Expansion can offer you a complete solution to your ICP sample introduction needs.

We supply all Glass Expansion parts, the best solution for your ICP. Please download the catalog by clicking on the catalog picture below. If you send us an e-mail with details to your ICP , you will get a Glass Expansion price list, especially made for your instrument.

Download the catalog by clicking on the catalog cover below.


Glass Expansion OEM products

Just send us your list of needed parts for your ICP system, original part numbers for manufacturer or other part numbers, no problem.
We will find the suitable product and will prepare an attractive quotation for those parts.