MP250M - motorized hydraulic pellet press

Easiest handling for frequent use



The MP250M motor power press is made to handle a large number of press actions.


You control the load by positioning a red mark inside the 63 mm pressure gauge. Although it is possible to set 2 tons as minimum load, we recommend to use die sets not smaller than 8 mm because the 63 mm pressure gauge scale is 1 ton. So the load is reproducible as long as the mark is at the same position, but it is not exact enough for very small dies. The MP250M is able to hold the load for several hours.


We integrated two additional safety features compared to the manual versions: a safety switch to prevent press actions with opened cover and an illuminated emergency stop button.


The handling is very easy: pushing the green button starts the action and it stops at the marked position. The manual release valve allows a smooth pressure decrease to avoid cracks in your pellets.

Technical Data

 Order number


 Size(H x W x D)

 620x290x420 mm

 Width between pillars

 150 mm

 Min. / Max. clear height

 73 mm / 185 mm

 Display / resolution

 Analog, 0,5 T

 Spindle diameter

 40 mm

 Max. way of spindle

 90 mm

 Piston diameter / max. lifting

 105 mm / 22 mm

 Net. weight

 68 kg

 Mains Connection

 230 V / 50-60 Hz / 250 W

 Manufacturer  Maassen GmbH